Best thing I’ve ever done, I really feel better than I ever have. Best decision I’ve ever made.
— J. Roll

Dr. Valorz truly cares about her patients and their health. She takes the time to explain the benefits of regular chiropractic care. She has been adjusting my infant son since birth and he has been sleeping through the night (10 hours+) since he was 4 months old and never had colic and he loves her!
— C. Doe

Dr. Valorz, and her staff, treats you like family. Dr. Valorz creates a personalized treatment plan for you and your unique situation. Definitely not “one adjustment type fits all” plan here.
— T. Nichols

I highly recommend Dr Valorz! She is down to earth, really cares and is very knowledgable. She cured an extremely painful wrist problem I was told I would need surgery on (by 2 medical professionals) within a 7 visits. AMAZING! The woman works miracles. And it doesn’t hurt that her staff is super friendly and always pleasant.
— R. Dorney

Wonderful way to stay aligned with my goals! Dr. Valorz truly understands and cares about her work. Thank you for being in Wakefield!
— B. Spaulding

Dr. Valorz is amazing. Not only does she have a wonderful personality, she is an awesome chiropractor as well. Her adjustments feel SO good, and I never feel rushed when I’m there. She helped my 7 week old daughter with her digestive issues, which was such a huge relief and help for our suffering baby! I highly recommend her to EVERYONE!!
— A. Dudgeon

Love coming here! Dr. Valorz, Jessica and Rachel are so welcoming, professional and sincere! They take the time to listen to you, talk to you and always welcome you back by name! Dr. Valorz makes me feel comfortable and listened to, which is super important to me in a doctor. Keep up the great work everyone!
— T. Amato

I worked at New Beginnings for a long time so I can start off by saying that I know first hand how well the workers and the patients are treated. When I was working there I had asked the doctor to help me fix my wrist. I had broken my wrist when I was younger and it had never been the same, eventually my wrist had gotten so bad that I couldn’t even do a plank or push up. The doctor took time to really treat me and I almost cried today when I went to use my wrist and discovered I could once again plank and push against it without any sharp pain. You would be amazed at how such a little problem can ruin your day to day life and bring down your mood. I never really knew how I felt about chiropractic until I saw and experienced the miracles of what it can do with time and patience. The people that go are are cared for, and the doctor takes time on each individual rather than rushing them out as fast as she can. This facility has always been quality rather than quantity of patients, and that is what makes it so amazing.
— S. Gring

What a great experience. Everyone I interacted with was friendly and made it easy to get in and out. The care was also A plus, not rushed or drawn out. I recommend!
— N. Snyder

I had a fear of chiropractors. Then I hurt my back and for months I was in excruciating pain. Three unrelated people in my every day life recommended Dr. Emily and I thought “well, it’s worth a shot I guess”. So I went. My husband held my hand when I got my first adjustment and I felt a little silly as it wasn’t what I had expected. Dr. Valorz gave me my life back! I was in pretty bad shape and within a week I was feeling better. Within a month I felt slight soreness and in a couple of months like nothing ever happened. I cannot describe the pain I was in. I am pain free but go for maintenance. She has saved my life!!